What is Dynamic Peace?


Dynamic Peace  is an Association

Dynamic Peace is a learning community incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of Washington on July 22nd, 2018 and has as objectives:

  • Cultivating a living equilibrium of Inner Peace in its members
  • Cultivating the Field of Peace in the community
  • Transmitting Peace through working with individuals and organizations
  • Supporting the development of the Field of Peace in society at large.

Our work will be complete when an ongoing awareness of and participation in this living field of Dynamic Peace is firmly established in the consciousness of humanity.

Dynamic Peace  Membership Requirements

  1. a sincere personal practice for developing inner peace,
  2. a sincere commitment for contributing to the development of peace in our world, and
  3. comportment respectful of the persons and agreements of our association,
  4. participation in one or more workshops put on in association with Dynamic Peace.

The Nature of Dynamic Peace

In Dynamic Peace, we bring to consciousness the felt sense of the vibrant, nurturing interconnectedness of living process we are all in together. Each participant gains support in more fully receiving the contributions of others, as well as in more fully cultivating and contributing his or her gifts—resulting in a very alive, mutually supportive field of presence, a richly interweaving fabric of living Peace.

The Symbol of Dynamic Peace

Dynamic Peace also serves to symbolize this shared field of productive, alive union.

The Practices of Dynamic Peace

We currently have two meetings per month in Seattle, usually on the Monday evenings after the first and third Saturdays. One is a learning community meeting in which we practice developing and tending the field of peace while attending to whatever learning or administrative tasks are in front of us. The second is a Focusing practice.

In Dynamic Peace, we develop our abilities to consciously develop and tend the Field of Peace via training and practice in:

  • Being present, personally and collectively
  • Participative attunements to bring forth union and the collective supportive of each participant
  • Focusing–an embodied practice of opening to presence to find natural forward movement
  • Life-Nourishing Communication-training in use of the felt sense to track feelings to their roots in our universal human needs, developing the care with our words so as to communicate truth without offending, and making clear requests
  • Group Dynamics–including work with Open Space and with the Enneagram of Synergy
  • Clarification and Simplification of Mental Models–including the Money of Love
  • Essential Integrity

What Distinguishes Dynamic Peace?

Dynamic Peace is nonsectarian and primarily focuses on developing the felt sense of the field as the teacher and the catalyst for change.

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