Mary Holscher on Dynamic Peace

David and Lisa did an excellent job of introducing Dynamic Peace, which is an amalgam of the work both of them have done over the years with attention (how to focus and deploy it with flexible intention), guided meditation, focusing, dialogue, and “presence.” One thing I really appreciate about them/their work is that they each have strengths in body (David is a medical doctor and acupuncturist; both have many years’ experience with qigong) and heart (both of them have many years of heart-based spiritual practice); both are very intelligent and kind of “nerds” in their love of ideas and research; both are solid psychologically/emotionally; both have decades of experience as meditators; and both have extensive experience with “non-ordinary reality” (experiences with significant mentors, teachers and practices over the decades). So it’s a powerful offering that supports people to be more present in the “doings” of their life!

Mary H.Psychologist and Retired University Faculty
Category Dynamic Peace