Clarification and Simplification of Mental Models

In this set of practices, we take on the clarification and simplification of mental models (assumptions, beliefs, worldviews, self-images, judgements) using systems thinking and a variety of other specific tools chosen for specific situations, such as object-relations modeling, the enneagrams of personality and/or process, values and vision clarification.

Clarification refers to the process of revealing the specifics of the bounded and fixated consciousness. Simplification refers to the process of letting go of such complications, so as to more directly relate.

Living in the world in dynamic Peace necessitates that one relate to self and other with the openness to discover more of who they truly are. As we do this work, we are freed from being caged within projections and come into closer relation with reality.

Money of Love

The Money of Love is an evolutionary process of change in our perception and understanding of what money is.  This set of practices includes a personal inquiry into the mental models we have about money. It is through the expanded understanding of what it truly is for us that we can change our relationship and interactions with money. For more information, click here.