Introduction to Dynamic Peace

This is a free 1-hour introductory offering to give a felt sense of the field of Dynamic Peace.

Would you like to get past talking about peace—and simply be in union with others who are likewise committed to spreading a respectful, loving, intuitive, joyful, alive field of peace? Come to our introduction to Dynamic Peace!

We are a non-profit organization offering learning experiences in nurturing dynamic inner peace, life-nourishing communication and other approaches to living in the field of peace. We focus on learning to sense, tend to and speak from the supporting, connecting, integrating field of peace.

We particularly call for your participation if you already a sense of this possibility or are already engaged in a practice for developing inner peace.

Who: Class with be co-facilitated by Lisa Capa, PhD and David Martin, MD.

When & Where in 2019:
Saturday, May 18, 10am-11am, Othello UW Commons, Studio B
June 2019, TBD

Cost: Free!

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