Mary Holscher on Dynamic Peace

David and Lisa did an excellent job of introducing Dynamic Peace, which is an amalgam of the work both of them have done over the years with attention (how to

Barbara Dickinson on The Money of Love

The “Money of Love” workshop was a life-changing experience for me. I have spent considerable time working on positive attitudes about money and abundance. Yet, until I attended this workshop,

Lisa Fitzhugh on Dynamic Peace

Dynamic peace appears to live and breathe inside each of us! The 2-hour workshop I attended with Lisa and David created the space for a small group of us to

Liz Kirkham Zeuge on Focusing

Focusing is a good practice of renewal to pay attention deeply to that which is most important. This results in me being more effective and discerning during times of stress.

David Smith on Focusing

I’ve found Focusing to be simple and profoundly deep. Among the many introspective techniques I’ve followed, Focusing stands out as especially effective. It has given me some of the most

Lisa Capa on Focusing

I can use Focusing for when I’m stuck on something and when I’m not really stuck but just want to get more clarity. I love how our faculty of attention,

Monica Helendi – Focusing

I found that there is a whole new level of focusing inward. The class gave me tools to enter into a deeper level of communication with myself by listening to

Steven Crozier

Focusing is a powerful and profound process and it was presented with an ease and grace that invited us to trust and explore. Even in this introductory session I received