Money of Love

What is money? Most of us speak of money in terms of quantity, measurable value and comparison. Do I have enough? Are my investments growing? Am I doing as well as others? Do I have enough to pay rent or mortgage this month? Will I be able to pay for college for my children or retire someday? Understanding money from this perspective is important. These are very real and important concerns.

Every day people are bombarded with messages that entice them to believe that “stuff” will make us happy. Most people think that more money will lead to more happiness. Research shows that this is true only to a certain point. Once basic needs have been met, more money does not lead to more happiness. For some, the laws of finance, the rules of economics and understanding the way the “game” is played has led to a disconnect with the real power of money.

How do we find our way with money? Perhaps there are other questions to consider. What contribution of value can I make to others in exchange for money? How does money have meaning in my life? What do I value most? Your heart can lead you to new ways of connection with money and to alignment with what you value most. You can transform your relationship with money to create more meaning and connection while experiencing dynamic Peace with money.

We offer workshops to help others begin to examine money in a highly personal way. When you understand what the role of money is in your life, you are in better position to gain clarity and create real change in your relationship with money.

The Money of Love is series of programs representing an evolutionary process. These experiential workshops helps you to examine and expand the meaning of money in your life from both the intelligence of the head and the heart. In our workshops, you will:

  • Discover what money means
  • Gain awareness of your emotional ties to money
  • Discover and prioritize what is most important to you
  • Set goals that lead to change
  • Begin to incorporate your insights to produce results

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