Entry into the process of Dynamic Peace, whether it be directly into the learning community or the first training in an organization, is usually with an introduction to the process of Focusing as originally developed by Eugene Gendlin. Focusing facilitates an open, non-judging attention to access inner and body-based wisdom.

For tailored presentations or workshops for organizations, email us here.

Upcoming Opportunities

Focusing Workshops
Focusing 1 – Introduction to Focusing

Developing Healing Rapport – An Introduction to Focusing for Healthcare Professionals at Bastyr University planned for April 21-22, 2018, see here

Entering the Bodily-Felt Flow of Experiencing for Discovery, Understanding and Growing Aliveness. May 5th and 6th, see here.

Free Preview of the May 5th and 6th Focusing 1 workshop: Monday, April 23rd, 7pm, see here

Focusing 2 – Naturally Emergent Awareness: June 9th and 10th.

Focusing 3 – The Companion-in-Presence: September 15th and 16th.

Focusing 4 – The Path to Loving Acceptance: November 17th and 18th

Supporting Practices
These are events in which some member of our Dynamic Peace community is involved. Member’s name is listed next to the event.

Enneagram of Synergy©: Optimize Team Dynamism & Performance,  November 9, 10, 11. David Martin

Human/Nature: Reclaiming Our Wholeness, REI Outessa Retreat, August 2 – 5 2018 at Squaw Valley Resort & September 13 – 16 2018 at Waterville Valley Resort, Lisa Capa

Life-Nourishing Communication
Level 1 – The Heart of Transformative Dialogue: For information on the next time this will be offered, please contact us.

Money of Love
Money of Love: What is Money?
For information on the next time this will be offered, please contact us. We will email you once details are available.

Money of Love 2.0: TBA

Learning Community Gatherings
These gatherings happen twice a month in the Seattle area. To participate the prerequisite is a Focusing 1 workshop or contact us for more information.

Past Events

Life Nourishing Communication & The Heart of Transformative Dialogue
David Martin & Lisa Capa, Bastyr University, Dec 9 & 10 2017
Lisa Capa & David Martin, July 12 2015.

Focusing 1: The Experience of Focusing
Dawn Flynn, David Martin, & Lori Martin: May 22 2016, October 3-4 2015, June 13-14 2015, March 21-22 2015, September 27-28 2014.
David Martin, Dawn Flynn: January 23 2016, offered for health professionals at Bastyr University April 8-9, 2017 & October 14-15, 2017.

Focusing 2: Naturally Emergent Awareness
Dawn Flynn with Lisa Capa assisting: September 24-25 2016
Dawn Flynn, David Martin, & Lori Martin: May 23-24 2015

Field of Dynamic Peace
2015 International Focusing Conference, Dr. David Martin & Dr. Lisa Capa, Aug 2 2015

Focusing | Presence | Open Space
2015 International Focusing Conference, David Martin & Anne Stadler, Aug 2 2015

The Money of Love
East West Bookshop, Orest Taraban & Terry Woodland, October 29 2015
2015 International Focusing Conference, Orest Taraban & Terry Woodland, July 30 2015
Lake Stevens, WA; Orest Taraban & Terry Woodland; February 20, 2015

Introduction to Dynamic Peace
Pinchot University Annual Alumni Conference, Dr. David Martin & Dr. Lisa Capa, April 25 2015
Pinchot University Professional Development, Dr. David Martin & Dr. Lisa Capa, April 18 2015 and May 17 2015