Lisa Capa: First Recipient of the LIBBA Award


This last June, I became the first recipient of the Leadership Impact Beyond Boundaries Award, the LIBBA award, from Presidio Graduate School (PGS). This award is given to an alumni of the PGS Seattle Campus. I graduated from the program (at the time the school was called Bainbridge Graduate School) in 2004 with an MBA in Sustainable Business, and I began teaching Leadership and Personal Development (LPD) in the program in 2007.


The line-up of nominees for the 1st LIBBA represented an impressive group of talent, determination and accomplishment. The judges did not have an easy task to arrive at a singular, collective decision.

After careful independent evaluation of the nominees’ qualifications, followed by vigorous team deliberation of ideas, we were able to reach agreement about an individual who

.Works behind the scenes to encourage and draw out the highest potential in others

.Models humility, vulnerability and courage

.Demonstrates boundary crossing and connector capabilities

.Has had a powerful influence, through his/her openness and generosity, to affect change in multiple areas/industries/sectors

.Generates investment and impact into and around the PGS community

We are pleased to present Lisa Capa as this this year’s LIBBA recipient.

According to her nomination, Lisa is passionate about spirit, purpose, and authenticity. A gifted educator, she fosters a sense of groundedness and mindfulness in one’s experiences. A natural-born leader, Lisa models authentic leadership by following her heart, speaking her truth and freely shares her talents while modeling servant-leader principles. Her coaching and academic focus is on awareness, both in body and mind. In addition to her own coaching practice, Lisa is a key leader of Dynamic Peace which helps people tune in to the interconnectedness of life. She has invested nearly a decade of service as a faculty member delivering leadership and personal development curriculum and has attended more than 100 residencies.

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Here is a video of the acceptance and “wisdom for graduates” speech I gave on June 10 at the graduation ceremony for PGS Seattle Campus. Many of the students that graduated that day were in the last cohort of students I taught at PGS, so me giving this speech was more than just about receiving the award.

“This larger space of who you really are is in the present moment and internally free from limiting mental models, making it much easier to listen to another person with different opinions, to ask powerful questions, and to be more in union with others. Creativity and innovation flows – ideas are more easily generated, possibilities open up, and connections are made. It’s like being hooked up to the positive energy of the universe, which that expanded-consciousness part of you is.”

In the decade of teaching LPD at PGS, I’ve come to learn that business presents an opportunity for leaders. Not just for creating products and services that serve humankind, but for the opportunity to be this larger part of ourselves that is indigenous to the field of Dynamic Peace.

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