Focusing Level 2

Natural Emergent Awareness

Developing awareness of the place of emergence/dawning comprehension/implicit-explicit boundary, symbolic arisings, and attunements.

Focusing Level 2 takes you deeper into the process of Focusing with experiential learning about the Felt Sense and the emerging bodily knowing. You will spend more time at the boundary of what feels vague and unknown with what feels explicitly clear.

In Level Two we introduce additional Focusing and listening skills. We discuss and demonstrate additional ways the Companion can hold presence for the Focuser. You will develop your unique way of inviting your partner into the body and beginning the Focusing session. You will deepen your work with your own Felt Sense allowing you to be more in tune, more fully present in the shared field.

This shared field or shared consciousness is formed as we come together and it supports each individual to become more fully who he or she is, as Teilhard de Chardin says, more “differentiated”. People uniting for a purpose beyond themselves become differentiated and achieve their larger purpose as they work together in the complex and ever evolving shared field.

Over the course of these two days you will be turning your awareness to this shared field. You will bring your entire being into relationship with the Focuser within the larger environment and increase your capacity to listen or attune to the other within this shared field. From here you will have access to more information and have the opportunity to notice what happens as you allow your reflections to flow from this source.

Prerequisite: Focusing 1

Who: Class will be co-taught by members of the team: Dawn Flynn ND and David Martin MD.

When: Oct 26 & 27, 2019 9:30am-430pm

Where: Seattle, TBA

Cost: $250 before Sept 30, $325 starting Sept 30. “Pay What You Can” tickets available.

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