The Heart of
Transformative Dialogue

Drawing from synergistic practices such as Nonviolent Communication and Focusing, as well as other work with attention, the Heart of Transformative Dialogue is rooted in the natural wisdom of your own body. In the workshop you will be guided in developing your abilities to both receive and speak the truth harmoniously—developing the capacity to maintain life-giving, heart-to-heart connections even in difficult circumstances. Alternating didactics and experiential exercises, the workshop will develop your skills in bringing conversations to life in ways that help build high-functioning personal, team, and community relationships.


  • Learning to recognize and release judgments
  • Learning to listen deeply to one’s body in order to be present to sensations and feelings, rather than being caught up in the feelings and being subject to acting the out
  • Developing fluency in awareness, acknowledgement, and articulation of the feelings and needs that are moving in oneself and others
  • Being present and alive in conversations in a way that brings the deep listening, understanding, and empathy required to get beyond reactivity and move forward in partnership
  • Learning to request that which one wants and say what needs to be said in ways that can be heard by others and have the intended effect

Who: Class with be co-taught by Lisa Capa PhD and David Martin MD.

When: Sunday, May 22, 2016 10am-6pm

Where: 6827 Oswego Place NE, Seattle, WA

Prerequisite: Focusing Level 1 or a Focusing session with David ($50 discounted fee). Click here for more information on Focusing.

Cost: $125 or $100 for repeat students. Accommodations can be made for those for whom the full fee is a hardship.

To sign up or for more information contact