Entering the Inner Experience
Introduction to Focusing

Focusing is a powerful body-centered self- awareness process for growth and transformation. Come join us!

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a powerful process for growth and transformation. It is a body-centered self- awareness skill that includes an open and accepting inner space for change to occur. It is a natural, innate way of listening to ourselves.

Focusing involves having a non-judgemental relationship with your emotions and feelings. This process gives you a tool for doing inner work, helping you be more present, connected and compassionate with yourself and others.

Instead of using the mind to try to analyze why you are feeling a certain way or how you got to the place where you are, Focusing helps you drop down to a deeper understanding by sensing how the issue resides in your body, freshly, in this moment. With this process you access the wisdom of your ‘felt sense’ and are led to what is true for you.

This experiential workshop is for you if you are new to Focusing or if you have learned Focusing in the past and want a refresher.

You will leave with:

  1. The ability to guide your own Focusing process
  2. The ability to support another person’s Focusing process
  3. A deeper experience of listening to yourself and others
  4. A simple process for being with difficult and complex feelings
  5. A way to welcome and accept all that is happening within you

Four Wednesdays, 5/20/2020 to 6/10/2020, 4pm to 6:30pm

From the convenience of your own home. Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration.

Fee: By Donation, Pay what you can!

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